Diamonds In A Rhinestone World
                                                   Shape poem by Raea Adams
                                       We are the ones who get beat down
                             The disposable ones who reap what others sew.
                           We are taught that what goes around comes around
                       Yet the aggressors seem dodge what the misery they owe.
 Everyday is a battle we wish was one less than as our minds grow withered some
        of us lose and let the razor kiss the pieces that are missing. Some fill the void
                        with drugs and abuse to others. The pressure that we
                          carry is immense almost impossible to carry at best
                                         To this pain we have all but married
                                                 It just makes our crowns
                                                          Shine brighter
                                                                  We are
                                                        That have fought
                                          to become something renown
                                     In our eyes, the ability to take a photo
                                With a genuine smile. The brave who dared
                           to test fate and will refuse to drown. As our hearts
               are shattered like glass. After all the crucibles of fire we have
 sustained. Once you feel the bliss of freedom you’ll never let them take it in vain
                 Let them burn themselves up with their infectious hate
                          One day they will be the dying breed the world
                                will be a clean slate that we can program

                                        with love like a thneed it is all we

Writing credit to Raea Nyxx
Photograph credit to Pond5 royalty free