Apparition of Fear
A poem by Raea Adams

The path shifts to the wall
I can hear screaming down the hall
The world seems to have flipped,
Upside down all around
It’s a long dark nightmare filled hall
Packed like a twisted moonlight ball.
An apparition of terror confronts me
Breaks my legs with a bar of metal
It exists to test my mettle,
Forced to crawl,
I can feel the cold intentions radiating from it,
My mind shuts down at the thought of it.

The cruel scratching of its nails,
The screeching horns that jut from its head,
It jests with a bloodied blade
I made this barbed wire bed
Now I must lay in it.
It is my fault I lay awake
Unable to sleep
Just hopelessly weep.
Because I am too weak.

Why am I so afraid?
I can’t take it anymore,
Open my mind
See with new eyes,
Let in the rationality of light.

This apparition is nothing more
Than a wicked bitter shadow man,
Projected from the toxic depth of my mind.
If the world was to comply
And believe in my lies.
We would all drop dead
From the demons inside my head.

A loved one is at the end of the hall
Screaming in pain
From the demons not kept at bay.
I must learn to grow tall
It is not my safety I am afraid to fail
But those whom I swore an oath upon.
undoubtable security
An unbreakable will
A deadly pill,
To the evil within and or around.

From the night I shine;
Bringing renewed sunlight.