Black Hearts That Sing

Entry I: Cupid Committed Suicide

A collection of dark poetry

By Mister Grey


Poem List

I: Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

II: Tick Tock Act I

III: Shadow play Act I

IV: Crush Games

V: A Lonely Knife

VI:Alice, Oh Alice

VII:Wake Up? Act I

VIII: See Through

VIX: Never Enough


Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

You have fallen down

Falling far

Falling fast

How long will you last?

You have tripped down the rabbit hole

Plunging into darkness


The first part of the trip is easy

Love so sleazy

Like a silver screen soft core

A tease for what is to come

Can you handle the pain?

Put a candle to the name.


This journey is not meant for the weak hearted

Warning you’re entering a twist and turny road to travel

Unwind while you can

I am the thing that goes bump in your mind

I am the thing that has lead you here

This journey is for the black hearts that sing

Is yours black enough?

Does yours sing?


Tick Tock Act I

Tick tock,

A Girl runs down for prom

Her lover courts her through the night

Fate said it was to be a blissful night.


Tick tock,

The Lover strikes her on the face

Makes her beg for mercy

Chokes her and laughs.

Beats her like a disgrace

Sexual assault is his next favorite taste

Dispatching her hope with haste.


Tick tock,

The Girl awakes after hours unclocked

Told to wash the dishes

While her Lover does her stitches.

Black eyes,

Broken nose,

What else they did lost

In the archives of the lowlife crimes.


Tick Tock,

Ties her down

Rips off her clothes

Tells her one thing,

‘You’re my sex toy.’

One thing in her mind,

‘Nobody will come to save me.’



Her ears ringing!

Six in her Lover’s chest!

As they draw their final breathe

Their blood all over her

The next in line behind a gun

Her hero blinds.


Tick Tock,

Will history repeat?

Will she recieve life’s receipt?

Too late to rewind time

Choices made,

Choices lost,

Her next chapter starts now.


Shadow Play Act I

From the shadows she watches

Her name tag still attached

From her day job

It reads ‘Robbie’.


Robbie watches a boy from the shadows

Across from his house

Hidden away

Passed by like a shadow

She will know everything.


The facts just replay and replay

In her mind she sees them vividly,

Like visions of the future

‘Name, Josh’,

‘Address, 8 Ace Ave.’,

‘Age, 18’,

‘I must know more’

‘I must know everything.’.


Will she get caught?

Caught by Josh

Or by herself,

Caught up in the moment,

Will she lose her mind?

She will do anything.

Obsession mistaken as love

She would take a bullet for him

But will he be as kind?

After all he is inside

A stalker’s mind

On her walls

Pinned down her halls

She’s lost her job over her obsession.

How far will she go for his heart?

Will it be death to them part.


Crush Games

Six teens gathered together

Seven minutes in heaven

Or three minutes of hell,

They sit in a circle

Bottle spinning around and ’round,

Aiming at it’s victims

Like a horror merry-go-round.

Bang bang,

Two chosen victims

Silence falls

This is the crush games


Little Marie and Arnold,

Will they spend a loving second

Acting lovey dovey

Boy and girl heart bonded


Be shushed and pushed into the closet

Told to do whatever the others wanted?


Will they fall victim to friendly facades?

Four hands drag them under

Locked inside,

To way to overcome it

Four voices yelling at them,

‘Act like you’re in a sleezy silver screen’

‘Behave like crazed sex fiends’

But they know a dirty secret,

One that they don’t intend to fall victim.


Will they succumb to sinful needs?

The others want to watch them burn

Feel their innocence drift away

Get on the boat with virginity as the price to pay

They would rather bleed

Than spend a shameful second

Acting accord to a few dirty harpies.

Like sharpies drawing on their wrists

Their lives taken like a piss,

When two bodies fall,

Everybodies hearts crawl.

Dum, dum, flatline


Would you accept a shameful second


Bleed on the floor?

At least then they didn’t press record.


A Lonely Knife

I’m but a lonely knife

I spend each second

In this near lightless fight

I am my own enemy.

The darkness consuming me

Pain digging deeper into my shell.


Sharpened by these hardships

Broken promises in those I once called friends


I am alone,

So very alone,

A lonely knife

With endless strife

I can feel the hole in me.

I need my other half

Without it I cannot move,

Without it I am stuck in  the darkness,


And ever.

Will I rust over in this coldness

Like the rest?


Alice, Oh Alice


Oh Alice

You try to rise above

But cannot you see

That malice is what you ought to be?

Cannot you see

Twisted decisions

Immoral addictions

Minor prescriptions

That you succumb to so easily?

You call me uneducated and rude

Flawed and ugly

Like a kid sitting in the dark

Cut from head to toe

Bottle beside

Every drop empty

The pain too much

Consumed them through and through



Oh Alice

Admit your crimes

Confess your lies

Won’t you

Fall to Wonderland

One last time

Before you’re caught

And are committed

For an infinite time?


After all

Your victims never knew

How could they?

Their life short and broken

Don’t call me names

After all





Wake Up Act I

What time is it?

What day is it?

Fuck this shit,

First I was dying

Ill from terminal termination,

Then I woke up,

Almost dead from my breathing



I sit here with a perfect husband

But can’t remember

How the fuck I got here!

Who is this man!

I feel the burning passion!

But it seems so irrational

Do I fall in line

Or reject this life?


Now what day is it?

What’s my name?

I think I’ve woken up

Sixty times?

I can’t even remember

It seems all the same

I think I heard my Mother crying

But who knows anymore

I feel like I’m drifting

Through worlds

With no brakes

No rationality



I wake up

To me my Mother above me

Asking why I left her

To live in my dreams

Without saying goodbye to my kids

To my wife

To my life.

I try to move but can’t

One by one

Everyone comes by

Saying their final goodbyes

But I’m ALIVE!



Or am I?

How can I be certain?

I now know…

I’m a spirit

A part of God’s

Lost and damned

Forsaken to wander these limbo lands

Will I awaken again?


See Through

Social media infects like a plague

These beings that were once

Called humans

Are everything but humane


They kill for a like

Accuse for a spotlight

How far will they go

To be the hot topic?


Jump in front of a car,

Cut your wrist,

Plea that the man made you his bitch

Ripped apart your clothes

Wouldn’t let you go

You cried for help



Nobody will call you a liar

That man is more fucked

Than a priest who’s a pedophile

See how these words are blunt

Because a blunt gets you thrown in prison

For in insane amount of time!

They lock you away

For trying to fix yourself

Just so you can feel okay

Because they refuse to help

Those who ARE NOT OKAY!


This society is see through

Every action

Seems like a one way mirror

When you see it

You can’t unsee it

You see all of the flaws

The ones nobody wants to know about

You see how fucked we are

And there’s nothing you

Can do about it

You just try to soften the world

With your warm loving heart

Until it tears you apart

And leaves you raped and beaten

In the middle of the road

Where your loved ones

Are free to gaze upon

You outlined in chalk


Some will call you



An intolerant bigot against their minority

That’s the price to pay

At times

When the truth is buried alive

Beneath so many believed in lies.


Never Enough

I always love too hard

Show too much affection

Then they run from my direction

Telling me I’m too nice.

Too sweet,

Not a bad enough,

Not strong enough,

I’m never enough.


You would never understand my words

Unless you never got complimented

Without a joke behind it.

Never had a date

Without a prank set up in wait.

Never had many friends

Everyone hates us,

Nobody ever understands.


I work harder than the rest

Still my grades give me unrest,

Staying awake all night

Wondering if tonight is the night

Where I enter the eternal night.

Dive into the abyss

Death’s fated kiss.


My home broken,

My soul shattered,

These walls surround me

And all anyone ever asks is

“What’s the matter?”

Nobody asks anything else.

Just because I’m not everyone’s friend.


Tonight was the night

Where my starcrossed luck was to end

But then that bitch,

Drugged me up,

Drove to the woods

Tied me the fuck up

So her and the rest of this hateful place

Could beat me and insult me




A Baretta .38 and one in the chamber

Time to close all their doors.


Now this blood is on your hands.

With this I sign off

With a middle finger on two hands.


I think not.

Next day comes for no one.

As twisted metal shells hit the floor…

The school grows silent…

The masses call me the fucked up.

A life in prison I now face

Worth every fucking bit.

My voice has now been heard.


This is dedicated to those who’ve been dealt a starcrossed deck to play life with.