Black Hearts That Sing

Entry II: Twisted Morals

A collection of dark poetry

By Mister Grey


Poem List

I: False Heart Act I

II: False Heart Act II

III: False Heart Act III

IV: Tick Tock Act II

V: Shadow Love Act II

VI: Sleep Walking Act I

VII: The Way I Burn

VIII: False Heart Act Finale

VIX: The Only Way…Is…Down…


False Heart Act I

I can barely feel anymore

Barely hanging on

To this loose red thread

Losing all I hold dear.


Marked as prey like a deer

My heart on trial

For crimes I regret

Death tells me not to fret,

I can feel this red wet

Consuming my life whole.


Falling down this hole

Admitting that my rusted soul

Will never return whole

Emptying my mind like a full bowl.

Every action takes its toll,

I’ve been driving too fast

And reacting too slowly;

But there in the dark

I see new hope.


Seeking salvation

The same as I.

Hair like the hottest flame,

Skin like candy,

My shattered glass heart

Reprimands me.

“Do not be foolish!”

“Don’t fall for her!”

“You know it’ll kill you in the end.”


I am the reckless fool,

You are the Jester

Making me smile.

For the first time in forever,

I feel my heart,

Come back together

Can I really be whole?


False Heart Act II

Climbing from the trenches of Hell

Burning up alive

Tearing myself apart in the inside,

To find where you hide.

Discovering the fallen stars you hide

I see the scars clearly

I wish to kiss them

Heal them with flawed love.

I come closer to give you asylum

Then you float away

Choosing to fall faster

Into the pitch black abyss.

What did I miss?

Faster I dive!





Losing my breathe

Feeling the cold silent embrace of death

The bitter sweet scent of love

Fading like a howl.

Taking my shot in the dark

Leaving me forsaken by your heart.

Overused similes

Flow through my head.


Flustered by your presence

Can’t think

On the brink

Of love and self-destruction

If only you would look in my direction as I stare into you. Trying to find the pieces. To put them back together, cutting pieces out of me to present to you. Then I go too deep…I found what I seek…

The bane of your smile.

My senseless mind comes back

Bringing sense to hopeless world.

I see the face of your beloved enemy

I will go past

Drain the life from me

Simply wanting to save you.


Even if it kills me

I won’t admit endless defeat.



False Heart Act III

Everything becomes blurry.

I’m in an unclear hurry.

Heartbeats skipping

Like a bottle of liquor

My life force is tipping.


Like a runt lamb,

I am damned.


You’re a witch

I knew this from the start

Like a falling star

Wish upon me.


Like a blade,

Use me ’till I fall apart.


Like a wolf,

I will follow you through the cold.


The time has come to slaughter the one who holds you hostage.

Rip them apart

Until their ice cold,

Death stricken,

Blood stained,

I will leave destruction like a hex hurricane.


Tick Tock Act II

Tick Tock,

She fears when he raises his hand

History of abuse

Stained on her like a brand.

She cries when he falls

Assuming she will be blamed,

Ripped apart like a hurricane,

Belted until her tailbone breaks.


Tick tock,

He cannot handle her fragile mind

Finding it not worth the time

Just the person who happened to be on time,

Before her final line.

She sleeps so silently

Like an angel in the sky laying on clouds,

He writes his final words.

Letting her know why he must leave

Then stares at her once more.

Sees the dead dreams in her eyes,

The bleak sunshine,

Such a broken past;

How can he let this night be the last?

He puts the note away,

Unpacks his bags,

Lays back in bed.


The clock no longer ticks.

The tock is just a ghost memory.

She awakes to the note,

He cannot run from her

She will not allow,

Pulling out a butcher knife

His screams are silent

As the blood spills out.

Warm sweet blood onto satin sheets,

A lover’s final broken dreams.


If she cannot have him.

Not even Death can.

She thrusts the blade into her heart.

Yet she cannot cross

Only a quick pause

Before the truth hits.

“I’m heartless…”

“I’m worse than dead…”

“This is my fate…”


Shadow Play Act II

The days go by

Never seeming to wonder why

She crawls through them so carelessly

Needless to say,

Her nights shaded in by a taboo art.

‘Death do us part’

Etched in her skin

The art of self-harm added to the list.


Waiting so patiently

Oh so patiently

To see him walk into his house

Closer and closer;

She slinks closer each night.

Coming like a thief in the night.

It’s been so many weeks,

Such careful planning.

Up to the window with care

Josh will never be prepared

Snap. Snap.

Robbie takes silent life stills

Increasing her twisted skills.


Print and develop.

Still the plan is too underdeveloped.

Pictures upon pictures

Collected on her wall.

Like a shrine to a deity;

The plans are still yet young.


Sleep Walking Act I

Watch you as you sleep

Such beauty under that broken smile

Stained like kitchen tile

Skin as fair as a white rose

This world’s reality imposed

Onto your sincerity.

Others acting superiors

Truly they are inferior.

I wish not they die

However they should.


When I gaze into your crystal blue eyes

The world shifts

‘Tis like I am sleeping walking

Seeing the world crystal clear for once.


False Heart Finale

You’ve USED her!


Couldn’t just release her.

You’re the weakest of the dirt demons!

You have no courage!

Can’t stand alone

Fallen to the rain;

Now gag on this pain.


I thrust my blade of sorrow

Into your chest

Wishing to inject

You with the purest of pain.

A flash of light

And she takes the blow for you,

Her starry eyes falling from grace,

Her burning hair simmers out,

Her skin pale as a ghost,

What have I done!?


She saved you…

Even after all you’ve done…

I still lose…

For now…

What can I do?

This fight is far from over.

But for now,

I have to retreat to the shadows.

She loves you

Not me.

As much as it hurts…

I can’t force her heart…


My final words to her,

“Even if you were the coldest winter…”

“I would be warm next to you…”


The Way I Burn

We all have vices

We all sin in our own way.

Some of us get up and pray,

Other choose to burn at the stake,

Not caring about our spiritual state,

Some of us don’t believe in a man in the sky.


I worship only myself

Not any other

As it seems reasonable;

I removed my doubt of who is my creator.


Why worship something that may not be?

Why worship something which has not done a damn thing for me?

Why worship something that everyone says hates me?

Why not just sin and win anyway?


There’s only one way to live

And that’s without rules.

Hurt others we will

No matter what you do,

Minimize the collateral,

And enjoy until we’re through.

I plan to live my life

Any way I want to.


I will make bad choices,

I will damage myself,

I will hurt others,

I will live,

I will not die a half-life left,

I will die when only this fire is left,

Test me.

Crucify me for your gain,

At this point

I’ll take a shot of whiskey,

To dull the pain.

Party to the break of dawn,

Let ecstasy flow through me.

Climb the highest tower,

Then watch while the world burn.

Until it’s gone.


This world was made by sinners,

If you want to be righteous

Holy and perfect,

The way we burn

Will reduce it to ashes,

With you inside it.


Life is quick and brutal

Holy, sinful,

Either way you live it;

We return to the void.


The Only Way…Is…Down…

Once you fall so far

The demonic light

Will blind your eyes.

Tell you it’s pure,

While it corrupts your mind.


Once you come this far,

Your mind will be opened

Like a dead flower.

The only way from her on is down.

The belief of rising against dead emotions,

Is just a beloved fallacy.