Butterfly, You Die.

A poem by Raea Adams


Once upon a time

I wished I could fly

Be careful of what you wish for.

Mistaken words

Leaving me with a forsaken curse.


I’m a beautiful butterfly

Come close to me

Love me,

Infect you with a parasite

That eats everything I love alive,

No one survives

Blissful lies

Won’t cure me

Depressed truths

Are all I can see.


Alone I fly

In the dark I thrive.

Alone I cry

Silence is my throne.


Try to slip away

Before you look in my gray eyes

Devoid of life,

Don’t come closer

It’ll leave you broken

These scars not even time can heal.

Everything I feel

Is like an atom bomb

Inside my mind

I see every trivial detail.


Every flinch you make

Is another tear I create,

Every pause you take

Is another dark thought I hate.


Alone I’m free

The winter is asylum for me

Alone I see

Everything that is to be.


I’m a cursed butterfly

Dreamed to fly

Never wondered what

It would take.

Now it’s too late.

Shattered like glass.

Everyone just glances past.


Except you.