My Pretty Gritty World

A poem by Raea Adams


Ah my lovely depression

What will you teach me

In my next lesson.


Everyone goes ‘round and ‘round

Laughing and having fun,

I see through the act

Pretend to react.

But they know I’m fake

I can’t stand this happy emotion.


I see beauty in miserable broken puzzles

They see beauty in fake material crafted dolls.


I find happiness under gray skies

They find happiness in color filled playgrounds.


I seek asylum in the graveyard

They assume royalty in a manufactured heaven.


I’m a ghoul

They are cool,

Two worlds

Polar opposites,

Cast myself away

Place myself in a one room prison

Create my negative lovely reality

With melodic tones

Curing ignorance from ears

Cleansing hidden scum from my eyes.

Time flies

When you don’t know you’re gonna die

Then they all start to cry…


A razor blade symphony

Sadistic piano keys

I love this song they play

Sounds like karma exacting revenge

Perfect worlds flipped into chaos

Silver brats facing street rats.


This is a world I can understand

How does feel now that you know?


Crowds are like treason

Punished by a violent breakdown.


Speaking is like leeches

Stealing your breathe away.


Words cut worse than razors

Now that you’re all bleeding.


This world has become consumed

Spun inside a merciless cacoon.

Reality takes hold

Insanity breaks the hold.

Now nothing

Can hold back the darkness from within.


Eyes see the violence

The tyrants

The eyes stalking

Thank you for living a blissful life

Now have a good fucking day

Dealing with this lonely strife.



Have my old knife.