Rust Or Decay?

A poem by Raea Adams


I’ve lost faith

Used to fear the sky

Now I watch space

As stars fall

I wonder why,

Does a flawless being

Not even cry?


When I watched horrors on the television unfold

I crossed my hands

Over my face

So no pain would be shown

Just wondering why,

Would a omniscient being allow rape and murder?


As I felt rusted daggers

Penetrate my back


By fear and misery

Praying for aide,

Only darkness grew in my decaying mind.

Why would a perfect being

Hurt me?


Is this creature just rusting?

Needing lubricant

To live again?

As I spy with my forsaken eye

Boys defiled

By the church

The ones selected from the one above.

I realized

He has enough lubricant

Stroking his ego

Over twisted minor rape,

Watching it all from his iron throne.


I asked maybe his mind is decaying?

Being destroyed with every sin we make,

Then I read the holy text

Throwing out a being of good will

Condemning them to Hell,

Torture them,

Slander their name,

When they gave us free will.


I realized this flawless being

Is flawed the most

I guarantee,

It’s skin doesn’t leave much to the imagination.


Bleeding out

As this sick fucked world unravels.

What if I were to say

The one thing you never questioned?


What if I said

Your king did never exist.