A flash fiction by Mister Grey


As the light dims and the land dies, a boy cries on the shore. Seeing his home land fade into the black. His kin torn from his bleak heart that is now torn like red thread. He eats the last treat made by his Mom’s hands. His hands touch a doll his Mom had sewn with tears on his cheeks. They stain pure skin that is now gone. His Dad had left to fight the war, to save their home. Now it’s all gone. His Dad’s last sweat has gone to waste. Now there is just him and some things as the dark comes shows him a dark fate. “I will not let it take me….” With a swift lift of a knife, he ends all strife….red spills out…a tragic noire scene as the dark rolls over. A small body free of pain. With a smile on his face. He chose grace.