Shadow Man

A poem by Raea Adams


He watches as I sleep

I dare not make a peep,

Just let me count the sheep,

And hope for the morning’s rise.

His presence is chilling

When he is aware

My life is tossed into the air.

Like a one sided coin,

Will he put me into an eternal sleep?


My mind is gone.

I’m on the run,

I can feel him growing closer.

Every moment I feel older.

But why run?

Who is he?

What can he do to me?

This is my dream!

This is my life!


A glock goes into his mouth

Our eyes meet

I smile as I pull the trigger.

And make a brain slushie.

“There is only me.”

“Nothing can scare me…”

“If I become stronger.”

When my eyes open.

I feel a new life breath into me

No more fear

No more time to waste.

Smile and don’t wonder why;

This is my time.