Mother Knows Best

A poem by Raea Adams


My mother always told me

To be nice to strangers

Each day I say hello

Give passersbys a smile

Make angels in the snow

Treating them kindly

Even if they act like didlos

Because Mother always told me,

You reap what you sow.


She wonders where I go each night

Why I come home with a smile of delight.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

She asked with glee.


I answer happily.

You see,


My mother never told me,

I couldn’t kill.

I killed a few girls that night,

That looked on the down side.

The release of pain and misery

Locked inside a shell

Is the greatest act of generosity.

So many suicidal people exist

Why is it wrong for me to assist?

I can see the void in their eyes;

I can see the scars in their mind.