A poem by Raea Adams


Resist the current of vitality

Face away your mortality

The new reasoning for fatality,

Humanity has gained irrationality.


We cannot accept our fates

Like spoiled children

Fed from full plates,

Gold plated utensils.


Reject reality,

Face judgement,

Time knows no mercy

Like a Shakespearean verse

Can you foresee the hearse?

Death’s cold fist

Pounds on your door.

Turn the page to see what’s in store.

Reality rejects fantasies

Humanity’s worthless lore,

Keeps our heads on tight

Until we face the light

We’re losing sight,

The harder we fight,

The faster it comes.


So many futile attempts to live forever

Aging is only a piece

Of this jigsaw puzzle

Bullets kill just fine

Mortality cannot be escaped

Go to court when it’s your time

Never look behind

Your fight will be in vain.