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All submissions must be emailed to


  1. DO NOT submit anything with hatred in it. What defines hatred? Anything racist, sexist, homophobic, and so on. Do no fret if you use derogatory words as long as the whole writing is not promoting bigotry.

2. Write a cover letter in its own word file. This way you will have to send it once and I will have it for future use if you submit again.

3. Submit each piece of writing in its own word file. DO NOT put five pieces of writing in one word file.

4. At the bottom of your submission file write your
CONTACT INFO [optional]

     5. If you would like a picture to go with your submission. Send one that you own all rights for. Or we can talk about what you would like and I can help find one for you.

All submissions as of right now will be quickly reviewed then posted.